‘The Otterman Empire’ Brings Party-Game Shooting to Switch in Early 2020

Ready for an otterly good time? Well, if you’re into shooters or party games, you’re in luck, as developer Tri-Heart Interactive has announced that its debut title, The Otterman Empire, is set to release on Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

While not too much of the game has been revealed as of yet, we do know that The Otterman Empire focuses on split-screen multiplayer, where players choose their customizable otter, load them out with a water jetpack and a weapon, and take to the arena against friends or AI. The game boasts both local multiplayer and single-player story missions, but every two-minute battle consists of a randomly-generated objective, and each game type has its own rule set to keep players on their toes.

The Otterman Empire‘s features include:

  • Eight multiplayer modes, including Detonator, Target Practice, and Squiditch (could this be a Harry Potter-inspired mode?!)
  • A story-driven campaign mode, playable in single-player or co-op
  • Ten customizable characters
  • Unlockable helmets, jetpacks, and antennae
  • Eight planets to fight on, including a volcanic base station, a tech playground, and a temple

Tri-Heart Interactive Managing Director, Kieran Rogers, says that the game has been driven by the community and has been extensively playtested and nurtured by a close-knit group of fans:

“Working with the community hands-on has been a big eye-opener for us as developers. Coming out the gate as a ‘community-driven game developer’ has impacted the choices we’ve made every step of the way. Having a tight-knit community that is as invested in the game as much as we are, gives us a broader perspective on a project that we are so close to and it has helped us to create a party game we’re really proud of.”

From what I’ve seen of the game thus far, it definitely has its charm and is giving me some vague Splatoon vibes (given the player must jump into water to refill ammo and jetpack fuel), but it still looks all its own. Be sure to check out the game’s reveal trailer below.

The Otterman Empire will release on Nintendo Switch (as well as PC and Xbox One) in early 2020.

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