manticore review

‘Manticore – Galaxy on Fire’ Review

April 22, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

Although I’m usually not a fan of space fighting or sci-fi games, Manticore – Galaxy on Fire is as unique an experience as any I’ve had on Nintendo Switch. While the game is visually breathtaking and its moment-to-moment gameplay is fun, its disjointed narrative and one-note gameplay loop keeps Manticore […] Read More

characters from disgaea 1 complete

‘Disgaea 1 Complete’ Coming to Switch This Fall

April 19, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

Calling all Disgaea fans! Just in time for the series’ 15th anniversary, publisher NIS America has announced that Disgaea 1 Complete will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this fall. The title is an HD remake of the first game in the series, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, originally released on PlayStation 2. […] Read More

sega ages and game logos

‘SEGA Ages’ Coming to Nintendo Switch

April 13, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

During SEGA’s Fes 2018 live stream, SEGA made a slew of announcements, including that a collection of classic SEGA games, SEGA Ages, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop starting this summer. The three games announced for the platform so far are Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV, and Phantasy Star, with […] Read More