Review Scale

Review Scale

Below you will find a breakdown of the review scale here at SwitchJoy, and what sort of general criteria a game must hit in order to fall under a particular score range.

10.0 – Masterpiece
The highest score possible and our glowing recommendation. While this doesn’t mean the game is perfect in any way (since there is no such thing as a perfect game), games of this caliber exude exemplary quality and craftsmanship. Games of Masterpiece quality are considered classics and oft hallmark a new era in gaming and game design after which others will surely follow.

9.0–9.9 – Excellent
An Excellent game has seriously impressed us in one way or another, by introducing new ideas or either improving upon or reinventing old ones in a fresh, meaningful way. Games under this score range will be fondly looked back upon in the generations to come.

8.0–8.9 – Great
Games of Great quality are often close to being Excellent in terms of quality and design, but simply don’t push boundaries or introduce anything novel. They still offer solid gameplay, characters, or features, for example, and anything bad is usually outweighed by the good.

7.0–7.9 – Good
A Good game is…well, good, right? While it may not make great strides in terms of design or gameplay, a Good game still offers a fun experience and is time well spent. There may be a few complaints here or there, but we still think a Good game is worth our time and yours.

6.0–6.9 – Okay
An Okay game is just that—okay. Often, there is a good experience to be had here, but it might be hidden under layers of technical issues or design flaws, or there may simply be aspects of the game one might have to turn a blind eye to.

5.0–5.9 – Fair
This is a game where, when someone asks what you thought of it, you might reply with “meh.” A Fair game is a game that might be worth one’s time depending on one’s preferences, but often occupies a middle ground where the good is as evenly spread as the bad.

4.0–4.9 – Mediocre
Mediocre games are often easily forgettable and mostly unremarkable. It’s generally not worth the time or money, but if you desperately need something to pass the time, a Mediocre game might do.

3.0–3.9 – Bad
A Bad game is just…bad. There is nearly nothing here worth recommending. If there is a good idea somewhere, it’s often buried under terrible gameplay mechanics or some other monumental flaw.

2.0–2.9 – Terrible
If a game is scored as Terrible, stay away. From here down, one might ask “what was the developer thinking?”

1.0–1.9 – Abysmal
If a game receives an Abysmal rating, usually it means the game is so bad to the point of frustration and anger. One might leave the experience with a sour taste.

0.0–0.9 – Trainwreck
Simply put, one of the worst games ever made. These games are downright unbearable to play, sometimes to the point of hilarity. Not many games score this low, and not many would even be deserving of a review at all, but some do exist.