QubicGames Giving Away 10 Switch Games over 10 Days for Free

Who doesn’t like free games, especially during the holidays? Indie developer and publisher QubicGames is getting into the holiday giving spirit by giving away 10 of its games on Switch, all starting on December 15, releasing one free game per day up until Christmas in celebration of QubicGames’ 15th anniversary. There is a slight catch, though—in order to start the free game rollout, you must already own one of the games in QubicGames’ catalog before December 15. The good news is, one of their games is available for free—Coloring Book for Nintendo Switch. Get it here via the eShop.

Here is the full list of games and when they will become available:

It is important to note that each game will need to be downloaded and tied to your Nintendo eShop account in order for the next free game to unlock. For example, if you want to download December 17th’s Puzzle Book for free, you would need to have downloaded Robonauts and Geki Yaba Runner for free in the days prior.

This is an absolutely awesome giveaway, and I personally can’t wait to check out each of these games. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access to the free games each day as they unlock, and we will update as soon as we learn the mystery game for December 24. In the meantime, check out a video from QubicGames detailing the giveaway below.

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