Nintendo Is Partnering With Illumination for a Mario Movie, Miyamoto Involved

mario landing on a grassy field with his mouth agape

In a flurry of tweets Wednesday evening, Nintendo is on quite the roll to round out January 2018. In addition to announcing a release month for their paid online service and announcing a new Mario Kart mobile title, Nintendo of America has announced that Nintendo is in talks with Illumination Entertainment, headed by Chris Meledandri to create a movie staring Mario, and Shigeru Miyamoto will be directly involved.

You might remember Illumination Entertainment as the studio behind such films as the Despicable Me series and The Secret Life of Pets. Say what you will about The Minions, but Illumination is a talented studio, and if Miyamoto will be on the front lines with this thing, I think it’s safe to say Mario’s animated silver screen debut is in good hands.

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