Ubisoft Officially Unveils ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’, E3 2017’s Worst-Kept Secret

mario peach luigi and rabbid luigi all holding laser guns

Surprising no one, Ubisoft finally revealed their upcoming title for Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, at their E3 2017 conference. Though we already knew about the game’s existence and somewhat of its premise, today we finally got a cinematic look at the game, as well as a few spread-out segments of gameplay.

In the reveal trailer, we see Mario and crew along with an assortment of Rabbids seemingly battling each other, for some reason. The Rabbids dressed as Mario and friends seem to align with Mario (and friends), while the other Rabbids seem to be the enemy. What?

The title seems to be a grid-based strategy game, but perhaps we’ll see more at Nintendo’s E3 presentation. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be released on August 29, 2017.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

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