‘The Outer Worlds’ Launches on Nintendo Switch June 5, 2020

One of last year’s most critically-acclaimed sandbox RPGs, The Outer Worlds, is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on June 5, 2020. This news comes way of a press release from Obsidian Entertainment, Virtuous Games, and Private Division.

The Outer Worlds will be available both physically and digitally, with 6GB day-one patch set to be available as well. The will bring various enhancements to the game, including high-resolution textures and gameplay optimization—likely so the game can run the best it can on Nintendo’s hybrid system The game will cost $59.99 both physically and digitally.

We’re huge fans of Obsidian’s work here, and knowing that Virtuous Games is assisting with porting the game to Switch, we’re confident and hopeful the title will make a seamless transition to Switch. For context, the game was previously expected on March 6, 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed that release.

Be sure to check out the box and key art in the gallery below.

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