Rumor: ‘Fortnite’ Coming to Switch With Exclusive Nintendo Content

We don’t generally report on rumors, but this one seems like sure thing. As unequivocally the most popular game in 2018 thus far, it’s been a matter of when Fortnite would make its way to Nintendo Switch rather than if it would. According to Twitter user LeakyPandy (who, under the account Vandal_Leaks, also correctly leaked March’s Nintendo Direct), Epic Games’ Fortnite is making its way to Switch in a big way, being presented a Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentation.

LeakyPandy says that the game’s hit Battle Royale mode will arrive separately from the game’s co-op PvE Save the World mode, and that the latter mode will be coming with exclusive content related to Nintendo’s IP. This could potentially be huge if true—could you imagine running around Fortnite on Switch using guns from Splatoon or weapons or skins from Metroid?

The game’s Save the World mode will also supposedly support local Switch multiplayer, and the Battle Royale mode will support full cross-play functionality (sans PS4, I’m sure).

To be sure, always take rumors like this with a grain of salt, however I could absolutely see this happening. Here’s to seeing what Nintendo has in store for us at E3.

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