‘Nine Parchments’ Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

And the Switch games keep on coming! In a blog post from developer Frozenbyte, the company announced its upcoming title, Nine Parchments, is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. The game had already been slated to come to Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

You may remember Frozenbyte developed Has-Been Heroes for Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Frozenbyte claims it was that game’s success which prompted them to pursue putting Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch as well:

“We’ve been super happy with how Has-Been Heroes has done on Switch since the launch, so we’re very excited about bringing Nine Parchments there as well. (It’s a really cool system!)”

Nine Parchments is a self-described “co-operative blast’em up” which features magic-based combat in a Diablo-esque, dungeon crawler gameplay style. A group of apprentice wizards decide to skip their formal training and head straight for the Nine Parchments, apparently ignoring all magical safety along the way. No firm release date has been announced at this time.

I’m beyond excited for a game like this to come to Switch so early in its lifespan. As a die-hard fan of games like Diablo and Champions of Norrath, I’m very excited to see what this game has in store—not to mention the potential of immediate co-op using the Switch’s Joy-Cons providing immediate cooperative, spell-throwing fun.

Check out the Nine Parchments Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below:

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