‘Monster Hunter XX’ Announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan

monster hunter xx nintendo switch version logo

Ready your gear! According to a tweet from the official Monster Hunter XX Twitter account, Monster Hunter XX (read as Monster Hunter Double Cross) is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan. As of now, there is no word on a release date or whether this title will be coming to the West.

Originally released on March 18 of this year in Japan, the title first appeared on Nintendo 3DS and has yet to make a Western appearance. Monster Hunter XX is based on Monster Hunter Generations—which did see a Western release—and adds new monsters, areas, and hunter styles.

I’m not personally a huge Monster Hunter fan, but I’m curious to see how this game looks on Switch. If it’s a port of the 3DS game (which, arguably, the series has never looked great on 3DS), I’m not sure it’ll hit outside Japan, if it sees a Western release at all. If it boasts, say, at least 720p in docked and handheld, I might bite, especially if it supports local co-op, as being able to team up against some badass monsters on a whim would certainly be fun.

Remember, though, the Switch is region-free, so even if this doesn’t see a Western release, you could still pick it up with a Japanese eShop account or by importing a physical copy.

Stay tuned for a release date and more info on Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, check out the Japanese box art below.

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