‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Key Art Leaked, Verified by Ubisoft Sources

mario + rabbids kingdom battle key art featuring mario peach luigi yoshi and four rabbids dressed as mario peach luigi and yoshi

Nintendo and Ubisoft’s worst-kept secret just keeps gaining more traction. Earlier today (via WWG), a piece of key (or promotional) art from the long-rumored Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle surfaced on Twitter, but was quickly deleted. However, Twitter user @FatalFlowey was able to provide a screenshot of the leaked image:


The folks at WWG confirmed via their “Ubisoft sources” that the screenshot was legitimate and, in turn, was able to share the full image, which confirms many of the rumors we’d heard previously.

According to the thread of tweets following the screenshot from @FatalFlowey, the leak initially was spotted in some Discord chat, which was then posted to Smashboards by user Zebei. Whatever the case, now that it seems Ubisoft has verified the full image, it seems as though this game is all but officially confirmed.

Again, I’m all for this game, especially now that it’s essentially been unofficially confirmed. I guess we’re now just waiting for the official reveal at E3…unless some off-screen gameplay footage ends up somewhere else first.

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