Here’s a Look at Hori’s ‘Splatoon 2’ Headset for Nintendo Switch

hori splatoon 2 headset for switch box art featuring inkling boy wearing the headset

Okay, this is weird. According to 4Gamer, Hori is releasing a Splatoon 2-branded headset for Nintendo Switch. The odd part is that the headset also will attach to smartphones and utilize Nintendo’s upcoming multiplayer chat app. What?

According to the diagram below, the headset will connect to a squid-shaped adapter, which will then run two lines: one to the Switch for game audio, and one to your smartphone for chat audio.

diagram showing hori headset connecting to nintendo switch and a smartphone

This brings up a multitude of questions: why so many cables? Are we expected to carry all this around with us? What about using this in docked or TV mode? I have so many more questions than answers here.

Considering this is a third-party product, hopefully Nintendo will soon reveal a first-party solution that’s a bit more elegant than this setup. Hori’s Splatoon 2 headset releases in Japan on July 21. No word yet on a Western release for this product.

Check out the image gallery below to see all the pieces to this contraption.

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