Cyber Gadget Announces Third-Party Controllers with Macro Buttons for Switch

Have you been yearning for some new third-party Switch controllers? Our wishes may be granted, as Japanese hardware maker Cyber Gadget has announced a brand new line of Switch controllers with some nifty features.

Resembling Nintendo’s own Pro controller, Cyber Gadget’s line (the name of which roughly translates to “CYBER Gyro Controller”) includes gyro controls as well as four customizable micro buttons on the back of the controller, much like on the Xbox One Elite Controller. The controller comes in both wired and wireless variants and supported colors include black, blue, red, green, and pink. The wireless version comes with an optional USB-C cable which is used to charge the controller.

The customizable micro buttons can be reassigned to any of the face buttons, or even L3, so fans of competitive games likeĀ Fortnite orĀ Splatoon 2 might just have the perfect controller soon enough. The wired controllers will release on October 31 and are currently available for preorder via Amazon Japan, with international shipping available. No word yet on when the wireless versions will be available. There’s currently no information on a Western release for these controllers, so getting them now via Amazon Japan may be your best bet if you plan on snagging one.

For a better look at the controllers, be sure to check out the gallery below. Thanks to Nintendo Life for the heads up on this one.

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