SwitchJoy Radio Episode 05

January 29, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

We’re finally back after a looooooooong holiday break! Join Nick and Chris as they react to the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, discuss everything Nintendo Labo, explore a potentially odd investor plan for a RollerCoaster Tycoon Switch game, and much more!

SwitchJoy Radio Episode 04

December 14, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Join Nick and Chris as they discuss all the Nintendo news from The Game Awards 2017, the new Mega Man and Street Fighter collections coming to Switch, some of their favorite Switch indie titles of 2017, and more!

bayonetta 2

All The Nintendo News From The Game Awards 2017

December 8, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

The Game Awards 2017 aired last night, and boy, what a night it was. Aside from a rather lukewarm orchestral performance and a few unprofessional speakers, the show went off without a hitch, and we received some pretty awesome news and awards on the Nintendo front. Below is everything Nintendo-related […] Read More

breakfast display featuring mario cereal and items

Kellogg’s Is Releasing a ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Cereal in the U.S., Functions as Amiibo

November 30, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Earlier this week, rumors were circulating about a potential Mario-themed cereal hitting store shelves that would feature some kind of amiibo functionality within Super Mario Odyssey. Well, Nintendo themselves have finally chimed in and confirmed the cereal’s existence. First reported on by Cerealously (which is awesome in and of itself that there’s […] Read More

SwitchJoy Radio Episode 02

November 9, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Join Nick and Chris as they talk more in-depth on Super Mario Odyssey, discuss Rocket League‘s upcoming Switch port, unpack the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Direct, and more! To check out the Fig campaigns for Obelus and Crazy Justice, follow these links: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/obelus https://www.fig.co/campaigns/crazyjustice

switchjoy radio episode 2 art

SwitchJoy Radio Episode 01

October 26, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Join Nick and Chris as they talk about Super Mario Odyssey reviews, the newly announced Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, what indie Switch games they’ve been playing, and more!   Disclaimer: A review code for Poi: Explorer Edition was provided by the game’s publisher.

super mario odyssey tour trailer

Mario is Coming to a Kingdom Near You in U.S. Tour

October 5, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Mario’s going on tour! Nintendo has announced that Mario will be touring the U.S. in a “real-life odyssey,” spanning several major U.S. cities. The tour will feature a Super Mario Odyssey-themed trailer, an giant inflatable Cappy, and give fans the opportunity to meet Mario and Cappy themselves and try out Super Mario […] Read More

mario and mario's hat with e3 2017 event details

Nintendo Announces E3 2017 Event Details

May 11, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

With E3 nearly upon us and just over a month away, Nintendo has announced what’s to come during their E3 2017 event schedule. While Nintendo has previously stated they will not be holding a traditional E3 press conference, there is plenty to look forward to this year regarding Nintendo’s E3 […] Read More