2-D Dungeon Crawler ‘Wizard of Legend’ Coming to Switch in 2018

wizard of legend logo

If, like me, you’ve been wanting more dungeon crawlers on Switch, this may quench your thirst. Developer Contingent99 has announced that their upcoming 2-D dungeon crawler, Wizard of Legend, will be hitting Nintendo Switch early next year.

Here’s what Contingent99 had to say on the announcement, via their Kickstarter page:

We’re teaming up with Humble Bundle to bring Wizard of Legend to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One! Humble Bundle will be our publishing partner for these platforms and will assist us in the porting and localization process. As you can imagine, we’re super excited and can’t thank everyone enough for helping us get to this point!

Wizard of Legend features a 2-D, pixel art style and is a fast-paced spell-slinging adventure for either solo or cooperative play. With this, along with Frozenbyte’s upcoming Nine Parchments, I’m definitely excited for some awesome dungeon crawling adventures on Switch in the coming months.

Be sure to check out Wizard of Legend‘s console announcement trailer below.

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