‘Dark Devotion’ Is a Beautiful, Punishing Metroidvania

October 24, 2019 Nick Chevalier 0

Developer The Arcade Crew and publisher Hibernian Workshop truly have created something special in Dark Devotion. From its onset, the game makes itself clear that it’s not here to hold your hand, teach you how to play, or even tell you what your objective is. That’s all left up to […] Read More

Check out 15+ Minutes of ‘Etherborn’ Gameplay

June 30, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

Join Nick and Jorge as they check out over 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming ‘Etherborn,’ coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! Big thanks to developer Altered Matter for providing us access to the demo. Check out the game’s campaign over at http://fig.co/campaigns/etherborn Check out Jorge’s Twitch channel: […] Read More

‘Mario Tennis Aces’ Online Tournament Demo Impressions

June 3, 2018 Nick Chevalier 0

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Mario sports title on a home console. Mario Tennis Aces—Nintendo’s upcoming Mario sports debut on Switch—is currently running a pre-launch online tournament demo ahead of the game’s June 22nd release. Part demo and part recurring online tournament, this weekend-long tournament gives players […] Read More

‘Arms’ Global Testpunch Impressions

June 4, 2017 Nick Chevalier 0

Boy, was I wrong about Arms. When Nintendo first introduced Arms back in January, I was extremely skeptical of the concept; it seemed like Nintendo was trying to hype up a confused mess. I even wrote an opinion piece on the game suffering from an identity crisis, that it seemed […] Read More