ThinkGeek Is Selling NES Classic Bundles, and the Internet Is Furious

nes classic bundle

Update (7/25/17, 4:26 PM EST): All units are now sold out.

Are the retailers turning into scalpers? Today, ThinkGeek listed several NES Classic Edition bundles on their website, all going for $139.99 USD or more. The catch is that each bundle contains various ThinkGeek items, all related to game featured on the console. To no one’s surprise, people on Twitter, and elsewhere on the Internet, voiced their concerns about the move.

The move comes just days after the SNES Classic went up for pre-order on Walmart’s website, but the company has reportedly been cancelling orders due to a website error.

The NES Classic was discontinued back in April, and until now they’ve been virtually impossible to find, aside from your usual eBay scalpers. This, then, begs the question: where did all these NES Classics come from? Did ThinkGeek (owned by game retailer GameStop) withhold inventory until production of the NES Classic ceased, only to bundle them with their own products to double and triple the MSRP of the original unit? It certainly is a cause for concern.

If you intend to buy one of these bundles, move fast. As of this writing, only the Mega Man Helmet bundle was still in stock.

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