Tactical Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Obelus’ Coming to Switch in 2018

obelus key art

To no one’s surprise, Nintendo Switch has been a hit with indie developers and consumers alike, ostensibly dethroning the PlayStation Vita as the definitive machine on which to play indie titles. The next game in line to hit Switch next year is a twin-stick shooter called Obelus from developer Springloaded. You might recall Springloaded was responsible for Ultra Hyperball, which came out on Switch earlier this year.

Billed by the developer as a “tactical twin-stick shooter,” Obelus is a pixel-art arcade sidescroller with a self-described “thought-provoking narrative.” Here’s a brief description from the game’s Fig page:

“Obelus is an intense arcade combat sidescroller with a thought provoking narrative. You are Dave, an interplanetary insurance salesman, travelling and fighting aggressive fauna across the galaxy with no one but your trusty corporation approved mech AI for company.

The game questions the place of AI and big data in the world around us, and what implications it has for our species as we continue to evolve in an increasingly technologically driven world.

As you visit the furthest reaches of space to find the last few uninsured members of humanity, you realize the AI seems to be a little too… manipulative. Is the AI really there to help you? Or just maximizing your potential for the corporation you work for?”

Some of the game’s features include a branching storyline, different mech configurations, and a unique soundtrack inspired by Brian Eno, Vangelis, and John Carpenter.

I’m definitely getting NeuroVoider vibes when it comes to the game’s mech, but this definitely looks like a more interesting and cinematic approach than your standard fare twin-stick shooters, which appear rampant in the Switch eShop nowadays. If this game looks at all interesting to you, be sure to consider donating to the game’s Fig campaign, and check out the game’s trailer below.

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