‘Rocket League’ on Switch’s Link Nintendo Account Function Working, Could Point to Native Twitch Streaming

In one of Rocket League for Nintendo Switch’s recent updates, a feature called “Link Nintendo Account” was added, but it was non-functional. In the description of the menu option, the feature supposedly links the user’s Nintendo Account to Twitch—invariably, the Internet began buzzing with speculation. Would native Twitch streaming be coming to Nintendo Switch?

Today, it appears that speculation might be soon turning into reality. On a whim, I loaded up Rocket League on Switch and decided to try to link my Nintendo Account…and it worked.

Once linked, the game shows up on the user’s Nintendo Account under “services authorized to receive this account’s information,” and no mention of Twitch is made here. However, Twitch is still in the description of the menu option within Rocket League. This could mean nothing, but it could also point to native Twitch streaming (or some kind of Twitch integration) on Nintendo Switch in a future update.

Granted, this is still only speculation at this point, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

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