Nintendo Announces E3 2017 Event Details

mario and mario's hat with e3 2017 event details

With E3 nearly upon us and just over a month away, Nintendo has announced what’s to come during their E3 2017 event schedule. While Nintendo has previously stated they will not be holding a traditional E3 press conference, there is plenty to look forward to this year regarding Nintendo’s E3 presence.

First, on the June 13 kickoff at 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET, Nintendo will hold their usual (as of late, anyway) digital press event, titled Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017, where they will announce new Nintendo Switch games for 2017, including Super Mario Odyssey. E3 2017 will also give fans the first opportunity to play Super Mario Odyssey for themselves. Immediately after the Nintendo Spotlight event, members of the Nintendo Treehouse will be live-streaming various Nintendo Switch and 3DS titles.

Finally, throughout June 13 and 14, Nintendo will be holding tournaments for both Splatoon 2 and ARMS. The 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational and the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational will be streamed live from the Nintendo E3 booth.

Here’s what Nintendo of America President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aimé, had to say on the event details:

“Our various E3 activities will showcase the next steps for Nintendo Switch, from a summer of social competitive gaming to a holiday season highlighted by a milestone Mario adventure. With Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3, fans at home can watch in-depth gameplay of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games launching this year.”

While I do think this year’s E3 is mostly part-and-parcel with recent Nintendo E3 events, I think it’s cool for them to be throwing a couple tournaments into the mix. Plus, on the heels of a very successful Switch console launch, I think we will have a lot to look forward to from Nintendo at this year’s E3. I’ll still be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a Pokémon Stars announcement!

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