‘Nine Parchments’ Patch Out, Adds Multiple Saves

four player co-op in nine parchments

The first patch for Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch is now live, and it brings a host of welcome improvements. The main attraction here is that the game finally supports multiple save slots, what we considered to be the game’s chief issue in our review.

Here’s the full changelog (from a Frozenbyte press email):

  • You can now store up to 10 runs
  • Fixes to saves being wiped when disconnecting from an online game
  • Online game can be started alone, no need to wait for others to join in the lobby
  • A lot of bug fixes to different kinds of issues of camera not moving and enemies not spawning or dying correctly
  • Changes to the online matchmaking logic
  • The invisible quill in Endless Snowbanks is now visible
  • Fix to the ”The Hero of Trine” Amadeus not unlocking if Amadeus dead when the boss is defeated
  • Other minor fixes

screenshot of nine parchment's new save system

We gave Nine Parchments a 7.9/10 in our review, and it’s great to see Frozenbyte keeping their word and being on top of a patch—one that the community so desperately requested.

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