Fans are Creating a Multiplayer Mod for ‘Breath of the Wild’

breath of the wild link riding a horse being chased by a bokoblin on a horse

Multiplayer in Breath of the Wild?!¬†According to a thread on NeoGAF, that’s exactly what a group of fans is working on. Working with the popular Wii U emulator CEMU, a group of modders is working to create a mod where two players can explore Hyrule together locally in real time.

The mod essentially aims to change the location of an NPC and swap models with Link for the second player to use. The group says it will likely take about a year before the mod is in a playable state. What are your thoughts on this mod? It seems like the choice to mod the Wii U version of the game was due to the fact that modding older hardware is simply easier, and trying to tackle this project on Switch may be too cumbersome at this point (though if they could figure out how to make local co-op on a single Switch…that would be incredible).

Be sure to check out the screenshots of their progress thus far below!

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