Mega Stones For The Hoenn Starters Will Be Available In ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’

More Mega Stones will be trickling into Pokémon Sun and Moon! According to a tweet by the Pokémon Company Japan and corroborated by Serebii, the Swampertite, Blazikenite, and Sceptilite Mega Stones will be given in-game for those who participate in the Japan Championships 2017 Battle Competition and 2017 International Challenge April.

To qualify to receive the Mega Stones, players must compete in three battles in either competition. If these are to be distributed as other Mega Stones have been in the past from Battle Competitions, the stones will likely be available sometimes in the coming months via Mystery Gift.

Are you excited about getting the Hoenn starter Mega Stones? I know my shiny Sceptile will be overjoyed to be able to finally mega evolve in Pokémon Sun! Let us know what you think by leaving a reply.

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