The GOP Actually Compared the American Tax Code to ‘The Legend of Zelda’

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Update (8/23/17, 11:04 PM EST): The blog post has since been removed from the GOP’s website, but you can view it in its entirety here.

Original story: They…what? In a bizarre blog post filed under “Communications” on the GOP’s official website, House Republicans likened the American tax code to The Legend of Zelda series. Again…what?

The blog post claims that 1986 was the year that both the original The Legend of Zelda released as well as the last time the American tax code had any kind of major reform. And that’s it. No other comparison needed, apparently.

The post goes on to throw around some random facts and figures, a quote from a small business owner, and a call-to-action for voters to fill out a survey on tax reform.

Oh, and they claimed Nintendo was founded in 1985, a year before The Legend of Zelda was released. Sure…let’s not count the other 96 years Nintendo spent creating playing cards and toys.

I tend not to stray too far into political territory, but this absurd attempt to try to relate to a younger generation of voters is pretty laughable.

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