Frozenbyte Addresses ‘Nine Parchments’ Save Issue, Working on a Patch

two player co-op in nine parchments

If you’ve been playing Nine Parchments, which released earlier this week on Switch, you may have noticed an issue where you cannot maintain your save progress when choosing a different character, or when going between single and multiplayer. Members of the community have taken to Reddit to levy their complaints, and Frozenbyte themselves have responded, saying that the lack of story save progress came down to an executive decision made due to time constraints, and that a patch would be forthcoming.

Here’s what Lauri Hyvärinen, designer of Nine Parchments and CEO of Frozenbyte, had to say on the issue:

“We actually discussed this feature during development, but didn’t have time or energy to implement it. It was ultimately my decision, and I’m sorry for this overlook!

However this is top of our improvement list, and we expect to be able to submit the update somewhere during January. After submission it takes 1-2 weeks to pass the checks and then it should be available.

The improvement itself will most likely be that the game will save every run you haven’t completed, so you will get a list of all runs available. It also uses your most recent character progress even with the older ‘saves’, so it’s technically not a save but a level progress memory-kind of a thing.”‘

The lack of any kind of save progress when switching characters or going between single and multiplayer was my chief complaint in our review of Nine Parchments, so it’s awesome to see Frozenbyte taking the community’s feedback seriously and implementing change with a relatively tight turnaround.

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