Everything You Need to Know Before ‘Warframe’ Launches on Nintendo Switch

Warframe is, undoubtedly, one of the world’s most popular free-to-play titles, and the co-op, third-person shooter launches on Nintendo Switch next week. Though the game has been on PC since March 2013 and has since come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to join the fight on November 20. If, like me, you’ve never jumped into Warframe before, you might be asking what exactly this game is, what’s different about the Nintendo Switch version, and what returning players can expect. If any of these questions has crossed your mind, you’re in the right place!

What is Warframe?

Here’s the game description straight from the developer and publisher, Digital Extremes:

“With more than 38 million registered players worldwide, the cooperative, free-to-play hit Warframe is a third-person online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Warframe gives players the chance to master the Warframe armor as the enigmatic Tenno, a race of ancient warriors wielding blade and gun, who are awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep by the mysterious guide, Lotus, to restore order throughout the Solar System.”

How much will Warframe cost?

Absolutely nothing! Warframe will be totally free to play and can be downloaded via the Nintendo Switch eShop, though you can spend real money for in-game currency.

What can I expect in terms of launch content?

On launch day (November 20), players can expect Warframe to launch with all content released thus far on other platforms—everything up to the Mask of the Revenant update—including 23 content updates, three cinematic quests, an open-world update, and 36 Warframes.

What about post-launch support?

Since Warframe is a games-as-a-service title, regular free updates are offered. Coming soon to the Nintendo Switch version is the open-world Fortuna update and Garuda (the 37th Warframe). Additionally, the Nintendo Switch version will see content parity with all other consoles in 2019.

Will motion controls be supported?

Yes! Warframe on Nintendo Switch will support motion aiming with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well as with Joy-Cons attached to the console, attached to the Nintendo Switch Grip, or detached. Motion sensitivity levels can also be manually adjusted to each player’s preference. Motion controls work across the game, with mining, shooting, fishing, and more.

Will Warframe support voice chat?

Warframe will provide in-game voice chat—no Nintendo Switch Online app needed!

Will Warframe support cross-platform multiplayer?

Here’s the answer straight from the development team:

“Digital Extremes loves the idea of cross-play, but currently Warframe does not support it.”

Can I migrate my Warframe account from another platform to Nintendo Switch?

Digital Extremes will allow players to migrate their PC account to their Nintendo Switch account, starting from launch day through a to-be-determined cutoff date. No word on whether Xbox One or PS4 players will be able to migrate their accounts to the Nintendo Switch version.

Do I need a constant Internet connection to play Warframe?

Yes. Since Warframe is an always-online game, it requires a persistent Internet connection to play.

I want to play Warframe on Nintendo Switch, but I don’t own a Nintendo Switch console. What can I do?

Tune in to Digital Extremes’ Devstream 119 for a chance to win one of two Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as some in-game goodies for Warframe!

If you just can’t get enough Warframe (who can?), be sure to check out some B-roll footage and awesome screenshots in the gallery below.


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